Road to the Olympics

Lacrosse is an Indigenous game. We call it the Creator’s Game and it was originally played as a Medicine Game with special instructions to dispel conflict, to heal and to have fun. Today our players are Ambassadors of their game carrying the original message of Friendship, Healing and Peace to other nations of the world. We travel on Haudenosaunee passports, marching together with the Hiawatha Belt, our flag, speaking our languages, and celebrating our culture and our sovereignty.


While Lacrosse has been a medal game in the Olympics twice over the past 100 years, in 2021, the International Olympic Committee granted full recognition to World Lacrosse. The Haudenosaunee Nationals intend on participating under our own flag as a world-recognized Nation State in the 2028 Olympics being held in Los Angeles, California.


This will be a long, difficult road frought with many obstacles, not the least of which are political and financial in nature.


The Haudenosaunee (or "People of the Longhouse") are comprised of six nations (Seneca, Cayuga, Onondaga, Oneida, Mohawk, and Tuscarora) joined together to form a Confederacy - the oldest, continuous democracy in North America.


We are the ONLY Indigenous Sports Team to compete in international competition in the world.

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